Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Persuade People with persuasive speech topics

Convincing people that your way is the best way can be difficult but is possible.


1. Wait for a good time to ask them.
2.Smile. Be polite, cheerful, and charismatic.
3.Show them all the benefits of your idea. (If possible, tell them how it will benefit them. That always gets their attention.)
4.Minimize any gain you stand to receive should the person choose your preferred course of action.
5.Prepare for any contradictions and be ready for any that you may not have thought of.
6.Don't be afraid to agree with the person a little. Say things like: "Okay, but..." or "Yeah except..." or just say yes but don't let them completely prove you wrong.
7.Try to find out why the other person is rejecting your preferred course of action. If you can find out why, it gives you a tactical advantage.
8.If you realize that you may have been wrong in one aspect then admit it. It will make you seem more trustworthy.
9.Ask them just to consider it and think about your idea, given time to think they may realize their mistakes.
10.Be generous with your opponent; give them something they want, and they will be more inclined to give you something you want.
11.Try not to appear to be going to great lengths to persuade somebody. In fact, you are most persuasive when your audience does not know you are attempting to persuade them.
12.At times, it helps to let your audience know that something is really, really, really important to you, and other times it does not; use discretion.
13.Most importantly, know when to give up. Your opponent may find you talking very annoying. If your opponent perceives you as a pest, it will make you much less persuasive in the future.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ready To Find Out Some Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

Look here folks, here is a list of really good persuasive speech topics. It seems to me, that it is kinda nice ones. Well, there are definitely some topics I'd love to talk about in front of a lot of people :-)

Here we go:
  • Should the state fund schools run by particular faiths?

  • Should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions/needs of their children?

  • It’s important to vote

  • People should avoid drunk driving

  • Sports clubs need to have better drug testing policies

  • People should get more exercise

  • College costs should be less expensive

  • Students should be exempt from taxes.

  • Becoming a vegetarian makes for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Start planning for the future.

  • Say "no" to college credit card offers.

  • Why Big Brother is a bully

  • Ban smoking in public places

  • Rehabilitation: why prison doesn’t work

  • Congestion charging should be rolled out to all city centres

  • Why you should car share

  • Why you should never eat fast food

  • A stitch in time saves nine

  • Feeding the world – the need for genetically modified crops

  • Recycling: It's Worth the Trouble

  • Become An Organ Donor

So, did you find some good?
There are plenty of interesting persuasive speech topics if you ask me. Just use your imagination and keep practicing. I mean really, practice is really important. If you have necessary skills, the topic is never an issue. You would talk on any and people would listen to you.

Have fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008

More Persuasive Speech Topics

You might wanna think of choosing a couple topics from this list of persuasive speech topics and mixx them. Try to use your imagination, though don't forget, that it's not the topic, which makes you speech good.

  1. Right To Own Pitbulls

  2. Ghosts: Are They Real

  3. Online Gambling

  4. Euthanasia

  5. Food Additives

  6. Human Cloning

  7. Mothers Should Stay At Home

  8. Public Office Terms

  9. Food Stamps

  10. Feminism

  11. Gene Testing

  12. Pesticide Use

  13. Drunk Driving

  14. Immunity Rights For Political Leaders

  15. Illiteracy: Is It A Problem

  16. Media Ethics

  17. Immigrants And Illegal Aliens

  18. Genetic Engineering

  19. Mandatory Seatbelt Laws

  20. Ebonics

  21. Foreign Policy

  22. Legalized Gambling

  23. Should American Companies Go Overseas For Workers?

  24. Organ Transplants

  25. Gun Control

  26. Priests: Should They Be Allowed To Marry?

  27. Religions: Should They Interfere With Medical Care?

  28. Hunting Laws

  29. Privacy Rights For Celebrities

  30. Government Regulation Of Utilities

  31. Prayer In Schools

  32. Nuclear Weapons

  33. Global Warming: Fact Or Fiction

  34. Legalizing Marijuana

  35. Fur Is Not A Fashion Statement (Using Animal Fur For Coats)

  36. Gay Marriages

  37. Reincarnation

  38. Medicare

  39. Filtering Internet

  40. Eating Less Meat

  41. Gun Laws

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Persuasive Speech Topics

Below is a list of persuasive speech topics suitable for all ages.

1. Use Your Sixth Sense
2. Stop Being - Start Living
3. Control Your Emotions With Meditation
4. Don’t Worry Be Happy
5. Curb Obesity in Children5 Discover Your True Abilities
6. Stop Talking and Start Doing
7. Figure out What you Want-Then Go Get It
8. Stop Being a People Pleaser
9. Spend Some Time With Yourself
10. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice It doesn’t Matter
11. Friend or Acquaintance -Do You Know?
12. Quit Making Excuses
13. Are You a Dangerous Drinker?
14. Endings or Beginnings
15. Abortion or Not -Whatever Your Choice is -Back It Up
16. Obesity in Children - Focus on the Epidemic Not the Children
17. Single Moms Don’t be Pitiful be Powerful
18. Get Out Of Bed
19. Slow down You Hyper Case
20. Eliminate Self Imposed Age Discrimination
21. Fix The Organ Donation Fiasco
22. Get Happy - Easy As 1-2-3
23. Get Independent
24. Gauge Your True Independence
25. Develop Your Communication Skills
26. Recognize and Confront Inappropriate Sexual Communication
27. What is Your Driving Force
28. Recognize The Power Of Intuition
29. Setting Goals Could Be A Set Up
30. Happiness - What To Do To Create It
31. Picking The Right Partner In Only 5 Steps
32. No Really…Who Are You?
33. Think Before You Share Your Secrets
34. Depression and Pregnancy
35. Being Different – That Makes Two Of Us
36. Cults
37. Step Into The Good Life - Change It Up